Mediphysio Belrose – Physiotherapy

Belrose NSW, Australia

Telehealth Services Available:
We offer most of our services over telehealth. Physio, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics We have been set up to deliver telehealth for a long time now with our own exercise library too. Considering our style of therapy, telehealth works very well and patients benefit just the same, sometimes better through telehealth and technology.

MediPhysio is a group of physiotherapy clinics, located across Sydney. Mediphysio is a fast growing physiotherapy, exercise physiology and dietetics company that has one core value, customer service. Mediphysio practitioners are focused on getting our patients to where they need, and helping them stay there. Combining a focus on the patient-service/experience, and expert knowledge in a variety of physiotherapy fields, MediPhysio is the ideal place to start, restart, continue or finalise your rehabilitation from injury and/or illness.