Telehealth Dietitians

Dietetics help treat a wide range of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, cancers, gastrointestinal diseases, food allergies, food intolerance’s, disordered eating as well as overweight and obesity. They are able to offer a similar service via telehealth as they would in a clinical setting.

Our Telehealth Dietitian services are readily available in every major Australian city, covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Canberra.

Telehealth Services Australia

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Why choose dietetics telehealth?

Clients have many reasons for choosing a telehealth dietitian, rather than travelling to a clinic. Telehealth dietitans usually provide much of the same services as one would receive by travelling to an external clinic.

Patients who may choose to have an dietetic appointment via telehealth include those who are advanced in age, or have mobility issues. Increasingly these patients are maintaining their independence by being able to stay in their homes longer by utilising dietetic telehealth.

What ever the reason may be, Telehealth Services Australia will make the process of finding a local, independent, dietitian that provides telehealth services quick and easy.

What does a Telehealth consultation from an dietitian entail?

A dietitian is a practitioner who is able to offer professional advice on food and nutrition and provide a tailored approach to help improve a persons health and diet.

When a dietitian provides a telehealth service, they may perform an assessment of the patient’s diet and alter their nutrition based upon their medical condition and individual needs.

They may provide expert nutrition and diet advice for people of all ages. They can help if you have a food allergy, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer or gastrointestinal diseases, or if you are overweight or underweight. They can help with other health problems too. All this can be conducted over a telehealth appointment.

What Dietetic treatments are usually covered?

Dietitians offer a broad range of services to support people in managing their nutritional requirements such as medical nutrition therapy which involves working with patients to assess their health and nutritional needs and to assist them to manage their medical condition and symptoms via the use of a specifically tailored diet.

There are a wide range of triggers that may lead to a person benefiting from a telehealth appointment with a dietitian. Some typical reasons why someone might be referred, or choose to see a dietitian include: A newly diagnosed chronic disease or signs that a chronic illness is not being managed, significant weight change, recent poor food intake, poor appetite, or difficulty preparing or eating food or simply periodic reviews of medical nutrition therapy.

It is important that you confirm with your therapist which treatments they provide.