What allied health services are available with Telehealth?


Dietetic services are well suited to the medium of telehealth, and there is evidence to show that telephone counselling by a dietitian achieves dietary behaviour change and improved metabolic parameters in individual’s metabolic syndrome. This is done through providing diet plans, using weight tracking systems, discussing insecurities and health issues over video/ teleconference.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy via online video conferencing software or other means of telecommunication e.g. phone. Some services include parent education and coaching, developmental skills for young children such as grip, feeding etc., reading/writing, hand therapy, visual therapy, life skills etc.


Once a week face to face outreach physiotherapy service. This will include consultation by a senior physiotherapist with a patient and an allied health assistant for physiotherapy consultations to be held remotely. Services will include physiotherapy collaborative car planning, physiotherapy management, individualised home exercise programs and follow up and referral.


Telehealth services have been introduced to improve access to psychological services for rural and remote clients. This is mainly done through videoconferencing technology. It has been proven to be successful as clients feel more comfortable discussing their issues in the comfort of their own home. Therefore, it can be seen that individuals are likely to choose telehealth for psychology even in city areas.


Telehealth consultations provide clients with the opportunity to get in touch with thee highest quality injury managers without having to physically attend a practice. Telehealth consolations are a skype, phone or webcam-based consolation that will take up to 20 minutes. There is no physical therapy involved. The practitioner will take a detailed history and conduct a thorough investigation into thee condition. Once diagnosis is given, treatment is in the form of exercise, prescription and general management or downloading apps that assist with coaching on a personal care plan.