Matthew Austin Counselling

Carlton North VIC, Australia

Telehealth Services Available:
All counselling services can be provided via Telehealth

Caring & non-judgemental counselling for LGBTQIA+ folk. You may have been feeling bad about yourself and have noticed that you have been acting in inauthentic ways. Perhaps you are worried others won’t accept the real you. It’s been difficult to share your self-critical thoughts with others. I help queer folk with non-Judgmental and caring space to explore and better understand their distress.

By creating a safe space between us we can begin to understand how feelings of shame and the inner critic have been shaped by trauma in relationships. Through increased self-understanding, you can connect with a kinder version of yourself and get clear about where you hustle for self-worth and connection.
If you are ready to be to move from feeling stuck and isolated and want to be challenged and supported to move toward change. Book a free 15-minute consult now via the website. Medicare rebates are available. Out of pocket cost for sessions is $104 if you have a mental health care plan.