Home Physio Melbourne

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Telehealth Services Available:
Physio and Exercise Physiology Covered fully by the NDIA for NDIS participants. You do not need to do anything extra to obtain this service if a participant of the NDIS. Medicare Rebates apply with appropriate referral of EPC (care plan). Most Private Health Insurers currently allowing reimbursement TAC allowing Telehealth visits. DVA allowing Telehealth or phone consultations. If you need physio or exercise physiologist, and have the benefits, why not use them? There is a plethora of evidence showing Telehealth is as useful as in person physio, for a variety of conditions. Not all, but some. Private health insurance visits do not require you to get a Medicare referral.

Home Physio Melbourne is a multidisciplinary, mobile home physiotherapy service run by 14 of Melbourne’s top physiotherapists and 4 of Melbourne’s best exercise physiologists.
​Home Physio Melbourne provides home visits to 16 regions in Melbourne, including the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Home Physio Melbourne provides expert assessment and diagnosis, together with skilled manual and exercise therapy to achieve your desired outcome in the comfort of your own home or office.

​All of our physiotherapists carry treatment tables, as we believe a complete physiotherapy session must involve both a hands-on approach, together with exercise prescription.

​All physiotherapists at Home Physio Melbourne are fully licensed and members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. All of our Exercise Physiologists are registered with both ESSA and Medicare.

Home Physio Melbourne is a registered NDIS provider.